East Shore Internet Society

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East Shore Internet Society

Please welcome our new addition to the ESIS Board, Stephen Albrechtson.

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Stephen has agreed to join us on the Board of Directors to help accomplish all the work that still needs to be done!


Minutes are now online

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We have now published our first few meetings minutes. You can read them here


2014 AGM and new Board!

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Congratulations to all new Board Members!

We hope to be able to post more often to the site! We want to keep you updated with the latest minutes and decisions from the Board, come back soon for more!

We're starting this new mandate with a Members Questionnaire. We want to hear from you and plan our next steps.
You can view the questionnaire here:

Members Questionnaire



Blue Point Goes Live

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The last tower section going up

We are pleased to announce that the ESIS tower at Blue (Columbia) Point is live! The radios are on, linked into our network, and successfully passed testing. We're ready to connect members in the Destiny Bay to Sanca Creek area. The Blue Point Tower should also allow us to connect additional sites north of Destiny Bay which we were previously unable to serve.

So, if you're an ESIS member and have been waiting for service in the Sanca area expect to receive a call from us soon as we begin scheduling installations. We will try to prioritize by membership date, with some exceptions for sites in close proximity that can be worked efficiently in conjunction with each other. We want to get everyone who has been waiting, and also new members, connected as quickly as possible.

If you are not yet a member of ESIS but interested in service please contact us for more information.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. It was definitely a community effort.


About ESIS

ESIS is an incorporated not-for-profit internet society formed with the goal of bringing affordable and reliable high-speed internet service to Crawford Bay and surrounding central Kootenay Lake communities.